Asset Management

It’s all within your reach.

Achieving your financial goals is easier with expert guidance from CertusWealth.

Get more from your investments with advice from our Asset Management representatives.


  • Do you have excess cash sitting in your checking account?
  • Want to protect your account balances above $250,000?
  • Looking for a return on your idle cash?

SecureSweep is here! Ease your mind by knowing that your excess cash will be swept daily to a fully collateralized investment account that will earn you higher returns. Rest assured…your cash will be secure and working for you so you can sleep!

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Protecting and growing your wealth in today’s volatile markets is not a challenge you should undertake alone.

Instead, let the trusted asset management professionals at CertusWealth lead the way with expert advice and personalized guidance.

Our holistic approach begins with making sure we understand every aspect of your financial picture, from the structure of your existing investment portfolio to understanding your tolerance for risk.

We will look to maximize opportunities for growth while mitigating risk.

Whether building a new asset allocation strategy or realigning your current investments, we’ll connect you with a CertusWealth specialists to help you complete the picture.