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your financial life.

Is your legacy protected?

89% of wealthy individuals have wills, but only 31% have an established trust to manage their estate.

Learn how our trust specialists can help you secure your financial legacy.

How big is your nest egg?

Nearly 34% of retirees don’t know how long their assets and investments will last.

Let our advisors lead the way to turning your dreams of retirement into reality.

Are you getting the right advice?

58% of retirement plan participants say they would like more advice and assistance with investment decisions.

You can count on your CertusWealth advisor to break down your most complex financial decisions into manageable pieces

Is your financial plan complete?

43% of financial plans fail to factor in the costs of health care and long-term care.

Your CertusWealth financial planner will help you ensure that you’re on track to achieve your most important goals.

What’s your investment outlook?

Only one third of investors say they feel confident in their ability to make investment decisions.

Have the right strategy in place to meet your goals with expert guidance from our asset management representatives.

Is your endowment fund growing?

Donor-advised fund accounts continue to grow and surpass other charitable giving vehicles.

Let our philanthropic experts help you manage your fundraising programs more efficiently and effectively.

Are you covered?

Nearly 50% of policyholders say they don’t fully understand the details of their health insurance plan.

Learn how CertusWealth can help you get the right coverage for all your insurance needs.

Are you being served?

43% of customers say they get little to no personal attention from their bank.

Connect with a CertusWealth private banker to get first-class service for all your banking needs.

Welcome to CertusWealth.Whether you're just starting out or have been building your wealth for years, the experts at CertusWealth are here to help navigate the process. Let us help you grow, protect and pass on your legacy with the confidence you expect from CertusBank.

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